Become A Member

Become a Member

Are you interested in becoming a VCIC member?

Our mission is to unite industry leaders, government officials, educators and community-based organizations to attract and train a diverse, skilled workforce that supports Ventura County’s unique local economy.

If you would like to be a part of this important work, contact us for more information on how you can join us.

Reach out through our contact form if you are interested in becoming a VCIC member.

How can I support the work of the VCIC?

There are three ways you can support the work of the VCIC.


A VCIC Member can be any company that “produces or processes tangible products”. These companies work in agriculture, biopharmaceutical, biotech, food production, durable and consumable goods, and metal fabrication. The VCIC does not currently have a dues structure but may choose to implement one at a future date. Member companies will be listed on the VCIC website and may add a link to their job postings on the site.


Member companies and companies that do not “produce or process tangible products” but are interested in supporting the mission of VCIC and reaching its members may become VCIC sponsors. Sponsorships are available at the Premiere ($15,000), Gold ($5,000), Silver ($2,500), and Bronze ($1,000) levels. All sponsors will be recognized at each VCIC event (initially planned for 4 to 6 times per year), on the VCIC website, and in each communication from VCIC. For more details, contact the VCIC at


Organizations that we work with to achieve our mission are defined as VCIC Partners. Examples of VCIC Partners include educators, school districts, colleges, and trade schools; city, county, and state agencies; and elected officials. They also include community-based organizations and economic development groups. All nonprofit and not-for-profit VCIC partners are exempt from dues.