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Ventura County Industry Council (VCIC) is an industry advisory organization supporting the production economy in Ventura County. VCIC unites Ventura County’s diverse production-based industries, broadly including manufacturing, biotechnology and life sciences, aerospace and defense, and agriculture and food systems.

As the voice of Ventura County’s production economy, VCIC will work to retain, grow, and attract production cluster businesses and assure access to the skilled workforce essential to drive industry sustainability and growth. VCIC works closely with education partners across the County to ensure we have a pipeline of students with the proper technical skills to meet the needs of our production-based businesses and jobseekers have access to quality jobs.

VCIC members will:

  • Host regularly scheduled networking events in Ventura County to bring employers and education leaders together to exchange ideas, learn from one another, and explore partnership opportunities.
  • Provide information to education leaders on the workplace, skill needs, and job opportunities available in the production economy in Ventura County.
  • Raise awareness of existing and emerging career opportunities by hosting workplace tours for students and teachers and providing speakers in classrooms.
  • Promote effective employer/education institution partnerships to bring attention to programs that equip students with skills in demand in the workplace.

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